Celcom Broadband Packages (Postpaid)

Celcom Logo

Celcom Logo

Celcom Broadband is one of the few internet service providers in Malaysia that provides internet services based on speed. On the other hand, we can see other providers provide their internet service based on quota (such as Maxis Broadband).

Celcom divides its broadband plans into three categories that fits two purposes (for PCs and Notebooks and Smartphones) and plan for youth.



Celcom First Data Pro Plus

This is the flagship internet package from Celcom. Priced the same as Celcom First Data Pro (RM 138 per month), promised speed is up to 50 Mbps. However, we highly doubt that it will ever reach that speed. See below for more information.

Plans Pro
Monthly Payment RM 138
Speed 50 Mbps
Data Volume 10 GB


Source: Celcom 4G LTE page


Celcom First iPad

This type of plan is commonly associated with iPad with cellular data access and USB modems. Customers will be given free USB modem for all packages. It is SIM-based so it means you can switch from USB modem to iPad or other internet-accessing devices.

Monthly Payment RM48 RM68 RM98 RM138
Speed Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
Data Volume 1.5GB 4GB 6GB 10GB
Rebate FREE


Celcom First Data for PC and Notebook

This plan is also designed for iPad some time ago. However, recently Celcom has made some changes to its website and offered another plan for iPad instead (see above). This plan is designed for cellular data access using PC or notebook using USB modem.

Plans Lite Basic Advance Pro
Monthly Payment RM48 RM68 RM98 RM138
Speed 1.5Mbps 3.6Mbps 5Mbps 7.2Mbps
Data Volume 1.5GB 4GB 6GB 10GB
Internet Security Suite FREE 1 month FREE 1 month FREE FREE
Unlimited Music Downloads FREE 1 month FREE 3 months FREE 12 months FREE 12 months


Celcom First Data for Smartphones (with Free Calls and SMS)

This plan suits smartphone users better. All plans come with free 60 minutes phone calls and 60 SMSes to all networks. Additional usage is subjected to extra charge as shown below.

Plans mAdvance Plus mPro Plus
Monthly Payment RM68 RM88
Data Volume 3GB 5GB
Package Comprises
(Data + Voice + SMS)
FREE 60 minutes (Voice Calls)
FREE 60 SMS (All Networks)
Additional Usage (All Networks)
Voice Calls 20sen 15sen
SMS 20sen 15sen
Video Calls 30sen 30sen
MMS 30sen 30sen


Celcom First Data for Youth (no longer displayed on Celcom website)

We believe that this plan has been discontinued. However, we still provide the necessary information below as a reference.

Monthly Commitment RM60/month
Speed 3.6Mbps
Data Volume 3GB with additional 2GB free*
Extra Benefits FREE USB Modem

*The additional free data volume periods are from 2am – 8am daily.
*SMS will be charged at 15 sen/SMS across all networks.

Source: Celcom First Data web page


Updated on July 1st 2013.

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